Metrology Corporation Malaysia Sdn Bhd was incorporated with the sole objective of providing the verification and re-verification services for all weighing and all measuring instruments use for trade in Malaysia. The company started operation on the 4th April, 2005. Before that all the weighing and measuring instruments were verified and re-verified by the Metric Unit, Enforcement Division, Ministry of Domestic Trade And Consumer Affairs.

All weighing and measuring instruments use for trade need to be verified first before use and re-verified once every twelve months thereafter as stipulated by the Weight and Measures Act 1972. It is an offence to use weighing or measuring instrument without valid verification or re-verification.

The main objective of the government in privatising the verification and re-verification works is to enable more weighing and measuring instruments be verified and re-verified as well as the services could be provided faster. This will benefit the people as well as the business community and the country. Accurate and correct weighing and measuring is one of the basic tenets of trade, fair to the buyer as well as the seller.

Apart from purchasing most of the government equipment used for the works, the company have purchase additional equipment for all our 34 branches. The company also purchased additional lorries with cranes to enable reduced waiting time for verifications and re-verifications of big and immovable weighing machines such as weighbridges in factories. Our 7 branches in Sabah and Sarawak are supplied with a four wheeled drive vehicle each to travel to remote places. All the 34 centres are directly link to the head office through broadband internet. All verification and re-verification works, revenues collected as well as marketing activities are recorded instantaneously.

Some 103 government officers who had been doing the verifications and re-verification works, many for well over ten years, joined the company on the 4 th of April, 2005. Three months before that the company had recruited 20 staff and placed them as trainees at the government verification and re-verification centres. Senior management personnel were recruited slightly earlier. In short the company was able to perform the verification and re-verification works satisfactorily even from the first day itself.

When the company takes over the verification and re-verification works from the government, the fee charged for the works remained the same that is there is no increase in the fee. The schedule of fee is fixed and detailed out in Schedule 9 of the Weights and Measures Act, 1972.

For the year 2006, the company archived the target set by the government. Apart from an increase in the number of weighing and measuring instruments verified and re-verified, the company managed to improve further the level of service provided. Waiting time had been reduce significantly benefits the owners of weighing and measuring instrument as well as the repairers. The level of service will further improve in 2007.